Saturday, January 26, 2013

iSuppli Reduces 2016 LTE Subscribers by 17%; Comparison Table Updated

iSupply updated its LTE subscribers stats - ".. LTE subscribers worldwide will reach 198.1 million in 2013, up a remarkable 115 percent from 92.3 million last year. Since being adopted in 2010 with just 612,000 users, the 4G next-generation wireless technology has grown by leaps and bounds, surging by an astounding factor of 22 to 13.2 million subscribers in 2011, and then jumping another 599 percent in 2012 to nearly 100 million subscribers. By 2016, LTE will claim more than 1.0 billion users, equivalent to a five-year compound annual growth rate of 139 percent"

The numbers for 2013 and 2016 are lower than those provided by iSuppli 6 months ago - see "[iSuppli] 1.2B(!) LTE Subscribers by 2016" - here and the two charts below:

"The bulk of growth during the last two years also came from smartphone upgrades, especially as 4G LTE technology hit top-of-mind for data-savvy consumers. This is because more than any other type of phone, smartphones are able to take further advantage of the faster data connectivity provided by LTE, which leverages the kind of low-latency, always-on mobile broadband service that consumers now demand".

The table below shows forecast from a number of analyst for the size of the LTE market:

LTE Connections

Jan 21, 2013
1.0B / 2016
Strategy Analytics
Jan 8, 2013
1.6B / 2017
ABI Research
Jan 4, 2013
785M / 2017
Infonetics Research
Dec  5, 2013

Global  Industry Analysts
Aug 31, 2012

1.46B  / 2018
Pyramid Research
Aug 9, 2012

802M/ 2017
Juniper Research
Nov 8,2011

428M / 2016
Nov 8, 2011

613M / 2016

See "4G LTE Users to Exceed A Hundred Million This Year" - here.

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