Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Israeli Elections: 2 Parties with Internet Management Agenda

Next Tuesday is Election Day in Israel - 5.6M Israelis will vote for one of 34 parties that compete for the 120 seats parliament - the Knesset.

Assuming 65% participation, the minimum number of votes (2% of eligible votes) each party needs around 74,000 votes to get in. Of the 34 parties, about 15 are expected to make it.

2 parties present an agenda that is focused on non other than the Internet (!):
  • The Pirate Party (Israel) asks for internet based society, internet freedom and fast and free internet access to all people:
  • ATID ECHAD ("One Future") has a single mission - fight Internet Pornography. They compare it to addictive drugs and ask that access to adult content on the internet will be on Opt-in basis. According to them, 70% of Israelis support this.  

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