Monday, January 21, 2013

Elitecore Makes Offloading Easier

Elitecore announced "the “Easy Connect” feature in its Mobile Data Offload (MDO) offering with a mobile app client for Android/iOS, WiFi Offload Location Awareness Module and an enhanced Captive Portal. Designed to attract large numbers of 2G-3G users to WiFi services, Easy Connect will enable operators to overcome last mile hurdles in offering fast and seamless WiFi connectivity, along with improved reach/awareness of the solution". 

"The Mobile app solution supports intuitive features such as one-touch connectivity, automatic connection to available WiFi, zero configuration for end customer and WiFi status check at the time of connectivity .. Elitecore has also introduced WiFi Offload Location Awareness Module which will enable operators to assure WiFi availability to walk-in users at events, hotspots, university etc. for a specific period of time. As soon as the users come within WiFi range, they are alerted about available WiFi zone via SMS".

Dhaval Vora (pictured), VP, Product Management, Elitecore, said: “Operators lose huge chunks of potential WiFi revenues because some phones do not support EAP-SIM authentication, leading to a complex and cumbersome authentication. Elitecore’s mobile app caters to non EAP-SIM use cases as well as EAP SIM phones such as iOS, the user now has to only download the app from the marketplace and install it on his device for seamless connectivity to WiFi services”.

See "Elitecore Iintroduces “easy connect” feature in WiFi offload solution" - here.

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