Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Qwilt CEO Expects Full-Scale Deployments in Japan and Korea During 2013

Jamie Beach interviewed Alon Maor (pictured), CEO and co-founder, Qwilt [here, here, here] to IP&TV News about the opportunity for transparent cache in Asia.

Some quotes:
  • We expect the largest carriers in these markets [Korea and Japan] to pursue full-scale deployment during 2013
  • It appears that service providers are shifting their focus away from the discussion around Carrier CDN technology, and are investing more time and resources into researching Transparent Caching technologies and projects.
  • Carriers who are planning to deploy a Transparent Edge Delivery product should be asking .. Does the underlying technology support video services that use Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) formats, and what is the cache-out efficiency for these services? As Netflix and other services that operate with ABR technology are beginning to expand their presence in Asian markets, they represent a large volume of sites that new Transparent Edge Delivery solutions will have to support.
See "Qwilt: 'Asia is a tremendous opportunity for Transparent Caching'” - here.

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