Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Start-up Promises X2 Faster Video Streaming with "Crowd CDN"

A new Israeli start-up promises to reduce 98% of Re-Buffering pauses and accelerates videos streaming by 2X by using "crowd CDN", report Avi Weiss to TheNewCom (here, Hebrew).

Yoel Zanger (pictured), CEO of the company, Giraffic ("combination of a Giraffe and Traffic - Paraphrasing on the concept of turning the long tail of content– similar to video consumption traffic, to the "long-neck" or "high-head" – symbolizes reversing of current new media age content consumption patterns") explains:

"We are the Crowd Sourcing of the video world. We give all the power to the content providers and the spectators. The content reaches to the viewer from other viewers, holding small pieces of the video clip he wishes to watch - with no central server or CDN".

"Our technology is distributed storage - we take the content from the provider, code it, and distribute over the network in small pieces, which are collected by viewers and assembled back. We can do the same to other HTTP content types, and we have a client for the end-devices, including mobile phones and Smart TVs".

"We have now 5 employees, over 5M users and we have raised so far $2M from private investors. Veoh and Mako are paying customers. We compete with CDNs"

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