Saturday, January 26, 2013

Zain Jordan CTO Lists Technologies Used to Ensure Capacity

Zain Jordan is usually open to testify about the technologies it uses. I've covered several already (monitoring /Astellia - here; Bill Shock Prevention/Globitel - here).
Zain's CTO, Yousef Abu Mutawe (pictured), provided recently additional insights into the type of solutions they use. In an interview to Broadband MEA 2013 Mr. Abu Mutawe was asked - "In areas of high demand high contention ratios can affect performance. What steps have you put in to ensure that you have enough capacity to deal with this?"

"Using compression tools for data is useful on the access part, while caching engines help save on international bandwidth. We also have policies in place to throttle the connection of customers that might be abusing the service". 

See "CTO, Zain: 'Data growth is the biggest challenge in today’s telecom market'” - here.

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