Friday, January 4, 2013

Slovenia Adopts Net Neutrality Law

Slovenia (population of 2M) becomes the 2nd country in Europe (Netherlands was the first - see "Nice try, KPN - Netherlands First European Country to Adopt Net Neutrality" - here) with a Net Neutrality law.

Innocenzo Genna reports in his radiobruxelleslibera blog that "The Slovenian Parliament has approved an innovative legislative framework on net neutrality which is going to shake the debate in Europe. The Slovenian law, adopted on December 20 and published in the Official Journal on December 31 [presented below], confirms the open and neutral character of the Internet and prohibits discrimination of Internet traffic on the basis of the services provided through it".

The rules - "ISPs will be prevented from restricting, delaying or slowing Internet traffic except in the case they have to solve congestion, preserve security or address spam .. ISP should be prevented from charging subscribers with different connectivity prices depending on the services provided over the Internet. However, the text of the provision is not completely unique and will need to be clarified".

See "Slovenia reinforces net neutrality principles" - here.

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