Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How did EANTC Test Comverse PCRF?

My post "PCRF Performance: Openet vs. Comverse Vs. Others" (here) mentioned that Comverse's PCRF testing was performed by the European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC).

EANTC also tested previously the BroadHop (Cisco) and Bridgewater Systems (Amdocs) PCRF products.

Developing Solutions announced that it was "invited by the EANTC to participate in the testing of Comverse’s Data Management and Monetization Policy Manager (PCRF) in multiple configurations, including an LTE scenario. Developing Solutions’ dsTest® supported EANTC’s testing with flexible configurations based on the solution’s capabilities and EANTC’s test plan .. Four separate scenarios were tested: Gx, Gx/Rx, Gx/Sy, and Gx/Rx/Sy. These scenarios called for subscribers being active for 30 minutes performing coordinated updates with customized AVPs on the interfaces under test. dsTest simulated 36 Million active subscribers and maintained the more than 200,000 TPS requirement".

See also - "[Guest post]: PCRF Test Methodology", by By Don Wuerfel, Director of Engineering, Developing Solutions - here.

See "EANTC Chooses dsTest for Comverse PCRF Performance Testing" - here

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