Friday, January 18, 2013

AT&T - MicroCell Traffic does not Count Towards DSL Cap

AT&T MicroCell
Phillip Dampier reports to Stop the Cap! that "AT&T Wireless customers with the company’s 3G MicroCell that covers for AT&T’s network shortcomings are given special treatment if they also subscribe to the company’s wired broadband services: use of the MicroCell is exempt from the wired usage cap"

The author claims that this violates Net Neutrality principles, by allowing only AT&T's traffic to be exempted from the monthly quota. I wonder if AT&T can use the same excuse Comcast used for its prefertioanl treatment to Xbox traffic over Xfinity service (here and here).

AT&T's clearly states this in its Broadband Usage FAQs page:

I have an AT&T 3G MicroCell. Since that utilizes my home broadband network to boost my wireless data signal, does that mean my wireless usage also counts against my wired broadband monthly data plan?

No, the wireless traffic from your AT&T 3G MicroCell does not count toward your monthly home broadband plan. Please register your AT&T 3G MicroCell account and your residential AT&T Internet account at to help ensure accurate Internet usage billing. If you have broadband service with another provider, you do not need to register your account

See "AT&T Exempts Its Own MicroCell Product From DSL/U-verse Usage Cap; Everything Else Counts" - here.

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