Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Procera and Sandvine Win Middle-East DPI Deals

Both Procera Networks and Sandvine announced DPI wins in the Middle-East region:
  • Procera said it has "secured a multi-million dollar initial order from a Tier 1 Middle Eastern converged Fixed line and Mobile network operator.. to replace competitor’s products .. The operator is experiencing significant traffic growth across both fixed and mobile networks, and selected Procera to provide growth capability in the network core".

    "The operator selected Procera’s PacketLogic PL10000 platform for the network deployment throughout its footprint. Procera expects to recognize the revenue from this initial order in the first half of 2013 .. This operator will also be utilizing Procera’s ContentLogic
    [hereproduct to perform content analytics and offer value-added services to their subscribers while offering Intelligent Charging services based on 3GPP standards .. The operator is also utilizing the Advanced Traffic Steering capabilities of the PL10000, steering specific subscriber and application traffic to value added service solutions".

    See "Procera Networks Deployed by Tier 1 Middle Eastern Converged Fixed/Mobile Operator" - here
  • Sandvine announced it has "..received Network Policy Control orders from two mobile operators and one DSL service provider in .. Bahrain, Kuwait [sounds like Zain] and Oman .. All three customers are a part of multinational fixed and mobile operators; two are subsidiaries and one is a parent".

    See "Sandvine Strengthens Footprint In Middle East" - here.

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