Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mobixell Announces Embedded LTE/RAN Optimization and Caching Technology

I had several posts on vendors announcing RAN based optimization and caching solutions, such as Saguna/ADVA (here), RADCOM with HP (here) and Amdocs (here) and Sandvine  - here - all trying to solve radio and/or backhaul congestion problems. 
Mobixell Networks announced its own solution and similarly to Saguna it offers enabling technology to vendors of base stations/backhaul vendors, for LTE technology. 

The vendor says it has ".. deployed their Radio Access Network (RAN)-based optimization solution in the LTE access network of a leading European mobile operator as a proof-of-concept field test. This solution includes Mobixell Seamless Access video optimization, which enables operators to optimize video both in realtime and offline with built-in video caching of popular content. It was developed in cooperation with a major telecom infrastructure vendor, and integrated directly into their eNodeB, the network element that interfaces directly with end user devices"

Mobixell explains that "Mobile network traffic management is traditionally performed in the core network. There are, however, advantages to moving data optimization and caching out to the access network, closer to end user devices. Fewer backhaul resources are required for traffic management and detection of congestion at the cell site is more accurate. Accurate congestion detection is a critical component in ensuring that optimization resources are applied only to data that contributes to the degradation of network performance. By performing congestion analysis and optimization close to the end user’s devices, operators can more confidently deliver high-quality data services as a part of a satisfying customer experience. As LTE proliferates, and end user expectations for speed and performance increase, the importance of these advantages is multiplied"

See "Mobixell Announces World’s First Built-in Video Optimization Solution for LTE Access Hardware" - here

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