Monday, June 20, 2011

ACG Research: "Edge routers are augmented with DPI"

Michael Kennedy, Principal Analyst, ACG Research explains in an article to Fierce Telecom how mobile operators will be handling the ever-increasing video traffic on their network, responding to the demand for bandwidth and consistent quality (i.e low jitter or elimination of the "buffering" problem) expected by the subscribers.

"Systems vendors' response to these technical and market imperatives include increasing the bandwidth of the access network by moving fiber closer to subscribers and moving to including GE (gigabit Ethernet) or even 10 GE backhaul and extending QoS (quality of service) out to individual services and subscribers. .. One alternative to throwing bandwidth at the problem is to use cloud computing concepts to distribute video caches out onto the aggregation network so as to reduce its required bandwidth capacity. .. Advanced edge routing concepts also provide alternatives to provisioning more bandwidth. Edge routers can deliver both service level and subscriber level QoS so that no more bandwidth than necessary is transmitted on the aggregation network. Edge routers also are augmented with intelligent networking capabilities (DPI, deep packet inspection) to better deliver application specific QoS and enforce service differentiation policies".

See "Video driving carriers to rethink their network architecture choices" - here.

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