Friday, June 3, 2011

France Telecom - OK, We Will Pay Them .. (Google)

After the French government announced that "Google and Foreign OTTs to Pay for Networks Usage" (here) it seems that France Telecom (Orange) is close to reach an agreement with Google et al., in which it will do just the opposite - charge the customers for the content they like (or "+1") so much and pay Google!

Reuters reports that "France Telecom sees opportunities for working with Google and other internet players and thinks they will be open to discussing new ways to generate and share revenue. [FT CEO] Stephane Richard (picture) told journalists [see slide below] on Wednesday that he had talked to Google about a stronger segmentation of access to telecoms networks, making users who want a better service -- a more stable or faster connection -- pay more. In that situation, the two groups could share the extra revenue generated by differentiating levels of service".

See "France Telecom eyeing partnerships with web giants" - here.

Will the French government react the same way the Dutch government did with the provocative initiative from KPN(here).

Net Neutrality ... French pride .. I expect strike and protests in Paris.



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