Monday, June 27, 2011

Mobixell Adds Monetization Opportunities: Subscriber Oriented Video Optimization and Control Features

Mobixell announced ".. version 5 of its converged mobile Internet solution, Seamless Access .. Seamless Access 5 is even more cost-effective than the previous release which itself achieved 80% of the “optimize-all” benefits with as little as 20% of the hardware resources compared to competing solutions".

Some of the new features, described below, bring real value to subscribers. As such they may be sold as Value-added Service/s, allowing mobile carriers to offer them for additional monthly fees, increase ARPU and the attractiveness of the service.
"In addition to device-aware Web and video optimization, support for new video formats including WebM/VP8 and Content Aware algorithms that analyze video scene complexity and quality, some of the new user-centric features in Mobixell Seamless Access 5 include ..  Smart Toolbar  – Mobile Operators can offer subscribers the Smart Toolbar to give them control over how they consume mobile video under changing circumstances .. Flash video support for iOS devices – transcoding of video in Adobe® Flash® format for the Apple® iOS"

Noam Green, VP Marketing for Mobixell, provided me with more details on the new Smart Toolbar and Flash support for iOS devices:

  • When minimized, the Smart Toolbar is a small, non-intrusive floating icon. It is pre-integrated with Mobixell video optimization and policy management tools within the Seamless Access platform so that when it is activated it gives subscribers control over their data usage. The Smart Toolbar also helps operators to provide value added services within their subscribers’ environment with easy access to operator-managed apps, branded messaging and 3rd party advertising 

  • There are client-based solutions. But solutions such as the SkyFire browser force subscribers to use another browser when they prefer Safari, the default choice, or other browsers that they prefer. Heavy client-based transcoding solutions such as Puffin provide only the optimization that can function within the limitations of the device. With Device-Aware video optimization and Flash transcoding sitting server-side, operators can make sure that user QoS is optimized for all users, regardless of which device or browser they use. Seamless Access Flash for iOS currently supports Flash video and soon will support animation to support Flash-based menus and applications, as well"

See "Mobile Internet Platform – Mobixell Seamless Access 5 – Puts Mobile Operators Second" - here.

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