Monday, June 6, 2011

Sandvine Wins 12 New Customers (3 From US)

DPI "new customers" messages (although mostly still anonymous) show higher and higher numbers.

Sandvine announced that "it has won 12 new broadband service provider customers, spanning all geographic regions and access technologies. Sandvine has won 25 new customers in the first half of fiscal 2011, representative of its market leadership in network policy control. By comparison, Sandvine won 26 new customers throughout all of 2010 .. Among the new customers are seven wireless service providers, including a Top 100 wireless service provider (by subscriber count), and five fixed line service providers, including two that are the largest broadband service providers in their country .. Four of Sandvine’s new service provider customers are in North America .. Sandvine also added three new customers each from Asia Pacific (APAC) and Caribbean and Latin America (CALA) and two from Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA)".

See "Sandvine Wins 12 New Customers" - here.

As Q2 just ended for Sandvine, I guess expectation are high, following this release and the previous statement by the CEO (see "Sandvine CEO: "our sales funnel has never been larger" - here).

The vendor also mentions that 3 of the new customers are "from the United States, which has continued to be an active market for Sandvine both before and after the FCC’s December 2010 Network Neutrality order".

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