Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flash Networks: Video Traffic Passed 50% of Mobile Data Capacity

Flash Networks published some statistics from "Data collected by Harmony Mobile Internet Services Gateway installed at several global Tier 1 operators".

The statistics show that ".. In North America, video as a percent of mobile traffic is fast approaching 50%, while in Asia, video is the largest contributor to network traffic, consuming 56% of the bandwidth .. In North America, close to 5% of mobile sessions involve users viewing over 30 minutes of streaming video at a time. In Asia, this number is slightly lower but the positive trend is consistent.

See “Flash Networks Releases Key Predictions for Mobile Internet Traffic” – here.

when video viewing was at its peak and no optimization was applied, network interrupts occurred for up to 20% of browsing attempts, demonstrating how excessive video traffic impacts user quality of experience"

See similar data from Bytemobile - "Bytemobile - Adds Analytics Features, Finds that Video Traffic is on the Rise" - here.

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