Friday, June 3, 2011

Netflix: US Cable Outperforms DSL; Charter Leads

Netflix published an updated report on US ISP performance. A company blog post by Ken Florance, Director of Content Delivery, concludes that "As you can see [below], the familiar pattern persists, dividing cable networks on the high end from DSL networks in the lower bitrates. We're still showing the AT&T and Verizon networks’ performance as an average across their DSL and FTTx (Fiber) offerings. That's due to a limitation in how we collect data, which we will resolve soon, so you can expect the DSL and Fiber offerings of these ISPs to be represented separately in future updates ..We're only publishing U.S. data this time. This data has become less significant for Canada in the wake of Netflix reducing default bitrates in Canada to help our Canadian members who are subject to low bandwidth caps".

This is interesting, in view on the inherent cable-OTT competition over video services - so does Net Neutrality win?

See "Netflix Performance on Top ISP Networks" - here.

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