Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DPI Deployments (73): NTT Plala Deploys CISCO new ASR-9000 with SCE

Cisco announced a new ASR-9000 aggregation router (see "Cisco Introduces Superior Network Capacity and a Simpler Way to Build Next-Generation Internet for Zettabyte Era" - here) and a number of deployments by Tier-1 carriers (Cox, Tata Communications, Fastweb).

Another interesting deployment is NTT Plala, which is "Using Cisco SCE (Service Control Engine) as a DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) product that controls bandwidth and applications, NTT Plala is currently offering "Net Barrier Basic" [see below] value-added service that enables the provision of a safe and secure broadband environment.  From now on, the company can establish an infrastructure that further enhances consumer security service that offers safe and secure Internet environment by combining the Cisco ASR 9000 and Cisco SCE".

See "NTT Plala Employs Cisco ASR 9000 Series" - here.

This is a rather old Cisco SCE deployment, originated to P-Cube days, and deployed already in 2003 for security and P2P control (see "Plala Networks Implements Cisco Systems Service Control Solution" - here). As we can see from the recent announcement - it is still there!

"NTT Plala Inc. provides as standard for B-Flets users the Net Barrier Basic security service consisting of a URL filter, packet filter, and Winny filter [a DPI-challenging Japanese P2P protocol]. In order to strengthen this service, the company has started using NetSTAR's URL databases. By blocking access to one-click fraud sites, an environment in which the Internet can be used with peace of mind has been achieved. This has importantly contributed to a rise in customer satisfaction " (more - here).

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