Friday, June 17, 2011

Allot: How to Monetize and Optimize Broadband Services?

Allot Communications published a new document with 12 use cases of optimization, monetization and personalization of broadband services (mobile and/or fixed). Jonathon Gordon, Director of Marketing for Allot, told me that "All of the case studies are either deployed or in process. We cannot unfortunately divulge the customer/deployment details at this stage".
See "Optimizing, Monetizing & Personalizing Broadband Services Use Cases" - here (registration required). Previous edition was covered here; see also "Allot - Openet: Monetizing and Controlling OTT Applications Use Cases" - here.

The use cases covered are:

  • Fair Use Management 
  • OTT Video Caching
  • OTT Video Optimization
  • Service Tiering
  • Bill Shock Prevention
  • Off-peak Happy Hour
  • Volume Charging (Quota)
  • Application-based Charging
  • Bandwidth on Demand Turbo Boost
  • Illegal Content Blocking
  • DDoS Protection
  • Blacklist Prevention (prevent outgoing SPAM)

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