Thursday, June 9, 2011

PCRF Manages VoLTE QoS: RooX Announces Interoperability ALU

RooX (covered - here) announced recently that its PCRF product ".. passed interoperability tests (IOT) with IMS hardware from Alcatel Lucent. Yota Lab performed interoperability tests of complex VoLTE solution based on IMS including transport network LTE from Huawei, IMS from Alcatel Lucent and PCRF from RooX. The tests were aimed to check the functioning of quality of service (QoS) complex control in VoLTE system. As a part of IOT, Yota Lab specialists initiated voice call between two IMS clients. RooX PCRF module was responsible for assigning dedicated stream with guaranteed QoS level in LTE transport network by online request initiated by IMS application server (P-CSCF) via standard Rx protocol".

See "RooX PCRF successfully passed IOT with IMS Alcatel-Lucent" - here.

Certainly a new domain for PCRF control, where QoE expectations are the highest, and QoS polices must be in place to meet these expectations.

See also "Alcatel-Lucent IMS- and 4G LTE-based network supports over-the-air VoLTE demonstration using pre-commercial smartphones" - here.

The slides below are taken from an ALU presentation, by Maria Palamara - "VoLTE for Public Safety Broadband Networks" - here.

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