Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tekelec: "the problem is BSS/OSS is the effort and money it takes to bring those systems together"

Amy Kucharik interviewed Lane Liley (picture), Director of Product Management, Tekelec, to TELECOM ENGINE about " customer experience management, among other strategies, might provide a way for operators to stay profitable while keeping their customers happy"
See "Customer experience management and the demand for mobile data services: Tekelec one-on-one" - here.
Some quotes:
  • The difference-maker for operators is if they can demonstrate improvement in both the network and customer service experiences
  • Customer experience management covers a large gamut of metrics and interactions between subscribers and their service providers. At the recent TM Forum Management World conference, Susan McNeice (picture) at Yankee group defined the customer experience into four groups:  pricing and offering simplicity, network/services performance, customer care and billing
  • Tiered services, going beyond buckets of data, are an elegant and simple way to define the quality of service and help ensure that everyone has the network access they're paying for. Andy MacLeod at Vodafone presented .. a direct link between network management and tiered plans. Once Vodafone began actively managing users based on their tiers, customer satisfaction rose across all groups. We believe this is because subscribers knew what to expect and still had quality network performance.[See: Vodafone Uses DPI and Policy Management to Improve QoE (and the vendors are..) - here]

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