Tuesday, June 14, 2011

TELUS and Comcast Partner with Skype

TELUS and Skype (now part of Microsoft) announced that they ".. have signed an agreement that will revolutionize how TELUS smartphone customers use Skype, including the ability to purchase Skype Credit through their existing TELUS accounts, making it more secure and convenient for them to stay connected with loved ones both in Canada and abroad while taking advantage of Skype’s low-cost calling rates"

See "TELUS and Skype sign agreement to offer the best customer experience for on-the-go Skype users" - here.

So while some operators are fighting OTT services competing with their core voice/SMS services and make regulators angry (KPN - here), others are choosing to partner - here with an exclusive service provider (which might also make the regulator angry) - or the Comcast way (see below).
David Fuller (picture), CMO, TELUS said: "We believe that by developing a deep relationship with leading global communications brands that our customers already know and enjoy, such as Skype, TELUS can provide a superior customer experience that leverages the best of what those brands have to offer and empowers our customers to choose the services they want and need

Comcast also thinks it can benefit from offering Skype services to its 17M broadband subscribers - but not those services competing directly with its own. 

Peter Svensson (picture), AP Technology Writer, reports that Comcast "plans to bring Skype calls to TV sets later this year. Subscribers will then be able to rent a kit from Comcast that includes a webcam and an adapter that plugs into the TV. A new cable box remote will include a keyboard on the back, for typing chat messages .. Comcast's Skype adapter won't work with Skype services that let users call phone numbers, or receive calls to a phone number. Instead, Comcast plans to bundle a limited version of Skype's offerings with its own phone service, for which it charges $20 per month and up, to the adapter, so subscribers can place and receive phone calls through the TV set. That's a feature it plans to add later".

See "Comcast to sell Skype box for video calls" - here.

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