Thursday, June 16, 2011

SingTel Discloses Real Mobile Speeds and Offers a Premium Mobile Broadband Service

SingTel decided to tell its customers the sad truth about mobile internet - and motivate them to buy a new premium service, if they wish to see their data moving faster.

The operator announced "..the launch of Asia’s first premium priority mobile broadband service .. Named Priority Pass, SingTel’s premium priority mobile broadband service offers faster and more reliable Internet connectivity on the move.  Customers enjoy priority for their data traffic when the network is heavily loaded, thus ensuring smoother streaming and downloads".

See "SingTel’s Priority Pass mobile broadband service puts customers in the fast lane" - here.

To tell subscriber why they need it, SingTel bravely published " the typical speeds of its mobile broadband services. The table below outlines the typical range of speeds that customers can expect 80% of the time.  SingTel has also renamed its 3.6Mbps, 7.2Mbps and 21Mbps USB modem-based services as Classic 3.6, Priority 7.2 and Premium 21 respectively .. As with all wireless technologies, the range of speeds and experience is dependent on several factors" 

Mobile broadband planTheoretical speedTypical speed range
Classic 3.63.6Mbps0.8Mbps to 2.1Mbps
Priority 7.2 (with Priority Pass)7.2Mbps1.4Mbps to 3.7Mbps
Premium 21 (with Priority Pass)21Mbps1.7Mbps to 4.8Mbps

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