Saturday, June 25, 2011

DPI Deployments (74): Vodafone Turkey Uses Optenet and Allot for Web Filtering

Optenet announced that it "has won an RFP with Vodafone Turkey, the leading mobile communications provider in Turkey, to provide filtering services to its residential customers in Turkey .. The proposed solution should be capable of keeping profiles in the forms of white lists or black lists enabling or disabling the users to access internet and of creating pre-defined types of profiles that can be selected by the users wishing to receive Safe Internet Services based on their needs.".

See "Optenet and Alcatel-Lucent sign a contract with Vodafone Turkey to provide fully law compliant filtering services to its residential customers" - here.

"With Alcatel-Lucent managing integration and deployment, Optenet will enable Vodafone Turkey to effectively filter all Web/WAP content classified as illegal by government authorities, ensuring they do not inadvertently transfer content prohibited by law. The solution, wich enables optimized deployment through the integration of Allot hardware DPI and Optenet's software DPI, stands out for its simplicity, highly effective filtering system and flexibility when it comes to deploying it in the operator’s network infrastructure and leverages proven methods of deployment to ensure very high scalability and minimal impact or intrusion into the operator transit network".

See other parental control deployments: TalkTalk (here), Telefonica /O2 (here), Orange France (here)

Source: Optenet

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