Thursday, June 2, 2011

Germany: 300,000 Copyright Infringements Disclosed Every Month

ECO, the German ISP Association, announced that German ISPs provides the details of 300,000 Internet users that are suspected of copyright infringements to the content owners every month.

Nevertheless, "Increased tracking and expansion of legal download services led to decreased the number of online pirates since 2008 by more than 20 percent ..  In parallel, the number of legal music downloads grew by more than 30 percent to 77.7 million in 2010" (see chart below).

See "300.000 Adressen pro Monat: erfolgreicher Kampf gegen illegale Downloads" (here, German).

Recently, France HADOPI also reported sucess in reducing piracy - see "France Hadopi - Shows Success (while working)" - here.

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