Saturday, June 25, 2011

DPI Win: Vedicis Detects Tethering on the Fly for an APAC Mobile Operator

Vedicis (here) announced earlier this month that "a major APAC mobile operator has selected Vedicis Policy Control & Enforcement Solution for tethering monetization and congestion relief. .. [the] Solution provides user bandwidth monitoring, clear identification of tethering usage to be compared on the fly with their subscription packages, and inline actions for control (either bandwidth limitation for users without relevant data packages or alerts sent to SMS systems to propose directly a package upgrade)".

See "First win in APAC for policy control and tethering monetization" - here.

More on tethering solutions and deployments: Sandvine (here),Procera (here), Verizon (here), AT&T (here), Carolina West Wireless (here).

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