Friday, June 24, 2011

Bytemobile - Adds Analytics Features, Finds that Video Traffic is on the Rise

Bytemobile announced "new product enhancements to the company's traffic reporting and analytics solution. The expanded solution provides improved insights into mobile data congestion, application traffic patterns and subscriber quality of experience (QoE) on operators' networks.

See "Bytemobile's Smart Capacity Mobile Analytics Helps Operators Manage Data Traffic" - here.

In parallel, the company renamed its "Mobile Minute Metrics" report to "Mobile Analytics" and published the Q2 2011 edition (here, registration required) loaded with interesting data on video traffic in mobile networks.

The main conclusion is that "Video generates 40 – 60% of total mobile data traffic on wireless networks". We are getting closer to BM's previous forecast - "Bytemobile Forecasts Video to be more than 60% of Total Mobile Traffic in 2011" - here. For iPhone, Android and laptop users - video is already more than 50% of traffic.  

The benefits of optimization: better QoE - "Video optimization technology reduces stalling by 30 – 50%. .. Subscribers on wireless networks optimized for video consume double the mobile video content than those on un-optimized networks".

Hopefully this helps operators to reduce churn and monetize OTT video serivces.

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