Saturday, September 8, 2012

$1M Traffic Management Win for Radware

Radware announced that "a leading global mobile telecommunications provider has purchased its Alteon® 10000 application delivery controllers (ADC) to help the carrier meet the explosive growth it has seen from customers using smartphones and mobile services, while at the same time consolidating its ADC platforms. The agreement is valued at over $1 million .. the operator needed a solution that would help it not only deliver greater throughput and on-demand scalability to manage unpredictable spikes in data traffic, but also consolidate its ADC units to reduce its data center footprint and lower the cost of ownership"

" .. it enabled the operator to adopt a virtualization program using a deployment model for creating a separate, isolated vADC for each application, enabling a virtual data center computing environment with flexible, independent and secured configurations that avoid over-provisioning. This allows the carrier to deploy new services faster than before and better align its ADC services that require frequent configuration changes"

See "Radware's Alteon 10000 Helps Global Mobile Carrier Reduce its Data Center Footprint and Manage Mobile Data Traffic" - here.

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