Friday, September 7, 2012

DSR Deployments [173]: Aicent Deployed Acme Packet

Acme Packet announced that Aicent Diameter Routing service (announced in July - here) is based on its technology and solutions.

 "Aicent .. has deployed Acme Packet solutions to support its global, next-generation IP-Exchange (IPX) and Long Term Evolution (LTE) roaming exchange services. Aicent deployed the Acme Packet Net-Net® Diameter Director to support its global LTE roaming service .. Acme Packet’s Diameter signaling controller enables Aicent to offer mobile service providers a single connection for all Diameter interconnections based on Aicent’s extensive partnerships with LTE operators located throughout the world".

"The Acme Packet solutions provide extensive SIP and Diameter normalization, mediation, and interworking functions that enable Aicent to accelerate service deployment, as well as comprehensive security and traffic management capabilities that protect against network overloads and malicious attacks".

See "Aicent Deploys Acme Packet to Support Global IPX and LTE Roaming Services" - here.

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