Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sandvine: 9X Increase in Apple's Traffic on iOS6 Release Day

Have you downloaded the new iOS6 yet? According to Sandvine many people did.
Dan Deeth presents in the company's blog "a chart [below] made using data from fixed access networks in the US that shows a comparison of iTunes and Mac App Store traffic from yesterday with that of the average levels of the previous two Wednesdays in September .. See that huge spike at 1:00PM EDT yesterday? That is when iOS 6 was officially released to the public. This massive increase in traffic was then sustained throughout most of the day, and actually escalated as people got home from work in the evening. This resulted in traffic from Apple’s servers yesterday being over 9 times their average traffic levels"

See more - "Traffic Spotlight: iOS6 Launch Day" - here.

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