Monday, September 17, 2012

MNOs Study (part 2): Popularity of Network Controls

The new study of 200 MNOs by Intelligence (sponsored by Openet - here) also provides information on the network controls used by mobile operators.

"Today the network control most in use – by 61.5 per cent of operators – is throttling, where throughput available to customers who have exceeded their usage limit is restricted. Related, and offered by 28 per cent of respondents, is service cessation in response to the same user behaviour. Bill shock monitoring is the next most widespread, offered by 47 per cent of operator respondents, with speed tier by customer segment, network congestion control and service prioritisation for high value customers all moderately popular (see chart below)".

Related to the above, in my BTM 2012 Survey, I asked the blog readers to rate which policy management use-cases are likely to be implemented by MNOs in 2012 (in a range of 0-5, 0 means no implementation in 2012).

The results are shown in the following chart (N=81):

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