Thursday, September 27, 2012

Telstra CTO: "We do not currently implement traffic management"

Hugh S Bradlow (pictured), Telstra's CTO, was interviewed to the Broadband World Forum and provided some insights into the carrier's challenges and actions.

Some quotes:

  • Bandwidth Caps - "Usage caps have been part of the Australian internet scene since the beginning .. access to the internet in the early days was constrained by the cost of the overseas links, hence the introduction of usage caps. When users exceed their usage cap on fixed broadband, we may throttle their lines down to dial up speeds. This helps to avoid bill shock and is good usage management practice. We do not currently implement traffic management".

    [See "What Happened when TelstraClear Removed Data Caps?" - here

  • OTT - Threat? - "We see OTT services as part of a suite of functionality that delivers value to our customers. As such, we try and ensure that our customers can get access to the services that they desire and require and facilitate this where possible".

    [see "Telstra Deploys PCC and DPI to Monetize OTT" - here]  

  • Net Neutrality - "My stance is that rigid rules dictating how technically complex systems such as networks, particularly mobile ones, operate would stifle innovation and reduce competition. As long as ISPs are clear and transparent about the way their networks operate, consumers should be allowed to choose the service that best suits their individual needs".
See "Telstra CTO: “The biggest challenge is supporting the massive growth in data cost effectively”" - here.

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