Thursday, September 20, 2012

PCRF Deployments [179]: Orange [Reunion + 15 African Locations] Implemented Volubill's PCRF

Volubill announced that Orange Reunion has ".. implemented Volubill’s solution for pre and post-paid data charging, including policy for new features such as anti-bill shock ..  Orange has implemented Volubill’s Business System (VBS) [here] designed to manage user experience and interactivity with access and data services in real-time"

"The implementation at Orange Reunion is just one of many in which Orange Group have utilized the expertise of Volubill .. policy and charging installations at 15 other locations including, Senegal, Central Africa, Cameroon [here], Tunisia [here], Botswana and the Ivory Coast".

Orange Group African Business

See "Orange Reunion Chooses Volubill for Policy and Charging" - here.

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  1. fyi, volubill was replaced in Egypt so this diagram is no longer valid.