Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cache Announcements: PeerApp New Devices Boost Performance by 40%; Adds 10GE Interfaces

PeerApp introduced the ".. UltraBand 6000, the next generation in its UltraBand multiservice transparent caching product family. UltraBand 6000 sets a new benchmark for caching performance, processing up to 40% more content traffic than the largest systems currently available .. extending from appliance models for small operators and remote sites, to grid configurations with multiple 10 Gbps interfaces designed for tier 1 core network infrastructure".

PeerApp's previous product, UltraBand 5000, had multiple 1GE interfaces; the new product adds support for 10GE interfaces.
"UltraBand 6000 also offers a unique cache policy engine that gives operators precise control over caching resources to tailor output for specific services and subscriber groups".

See "PeerApp Enables Operators to Meet Exploding Video Demand with High-Capacity Caching Platform" - here.

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