Saturday, September 1, 2012

[TorrentFreak]: Site Suspected of Copyright Infringement Disappeared

TorrentFreak reports that ".. Filesonic, previously listed among the top 10 largest file-sharing sites in the world, was badly affected by the Megaupload shutdown and lost huge amounts of traffic in 2012. During the last 48 hours it simply ceased to function .. Despite the efforts of Filesonic to stay out of the copyright infringement spotlight (in December 2011 the company had partnered with anti-piracy company Vobile), in February 2012 the International Intellectual Property Alliance reported Filesonic to the USTR. IIPA, who count the MPAA and RIAA as members, described Filesonic as an 'infringing distribution hub'".

"But today, six months on, it appears something is seriously amiss with this former giant of the file-sharing world. For two days Filesonic has been completely unreachable via its .com domain after changes were made to its DNS settings"

See "Major Cyberlocker Filesonic Goes Offline After Traffic Plummets" - here.

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