Saturday, September 15, 2012

Latam MNOs to Implement Bill Shock Prevention by H1 2013

Following the voluntary agreements or regulation in the EU, US, Australia and Globally, Bill Shock Prevention and transparency comes to Latin America.

The GSMA announced that "..more than 40 Latin American mobile network operators (MNOs) have launched a data roaming transparency scheme in the region that will provide consumers with greater visibility of their roaming charges and usage of mobile data services when travelling within the region and abroad. The initiative is supported by operator groups including America Movil, Antel, Entel Chile, Millicom, Oi, Orange, Telecom Italia and Telefonica .. All national Latin American operations of the above listed MNO groups have agreed to implement these data roaming transparency measures starting now, with full completion by end of the first half of 2013".

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