Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DPI Deployments [176]: Vimpelcom [Russia] Deployed Procera to Manage P2P Traffic

While this is a 2011 project, one can still appropriate the willingness of the customer to be quoted by name after implementing a bandwidth management solution, used to "optimize" P2P file sharing traffic.

Procera Networks announced that VimpelCom "..  has deployed Procera’s PacketLogic platforms in nearly 43 cities throughout Russia. Last year, VimpelCom purchased Procera’s Intelligent Policy Enforcement (IPE) solutions to provide network visibility, analytics, optimization and bandwidth management. Most of the corresponding revenue was recognized by Procera last year"

Vimpelcom - Russia

"..[Vimpelcom] implemented a number of Procera’s IPE platforms and PacketLogic Intelligence Center (PIC) solutions including several PL10000 series platforms, PL 8000s, and PICs plus bypass switches for additional network resilience and availability".

"VimpelCom, in conjunction with technology system integrator Jet Infosystems, performed operational and laboratory testing using Procera’s PacketLogic Intelligence Center (PIC) solutions to gain “live” traffic analytics for their extensive network, and found that over 50% of broadband resources were being consumed by peer-to-peer file sharing. The two companies used the results of this research to design a solution that specifically meets VimpelCom’s unique requirements".
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