Sunday, September 23, 2012

NI Announcements: Huawei uTraffic Locates Traffic Congestion Points

Huawei announced the release of "..uTraffic, a network traffic analysis system. Based on Huawei's industry-leading performance management platform, uTraffic enables carriers to analyze network traffic and flow and monitor the quality of network "pipes" .. uTraffic is a network traffic analysis system with a scalable distributed architecture. This system can display overlapping physical topologies, geographic information system (GIS) mapping, and network traffic. It can also locate traffic congestion points".

Unfortunately, I could not find additional information on the product, beyond the press release.

"By collecting and analyzing traffic, uTraffic can predict the traffic and the broadband utilization rate for the next one to three months, and forecast where the bottleneck in the "pipe" is likely to occur. uTraffic also supports network expansion. uTraffic uses the embedded probe technology, which can monitor traffic and "pipe" quality to an accuracy of 10-6, top in the industry. Huawei also leads the industry in achieving point-to-multipoint monitoring by extending the Y.1731 technology".

[Y.1731 specifies mechanisms required to operate and maintain the network and service aspects of ETH layer. It also specifies the Ethernet OAM frame formats and syntax and semantics of OAM frame fields. The OAM mechanisms as described in this Recommendation apply to both point-to-point ETH connections and multipoint ETH connectivity. The OAM mechanisms as described in this Recommendation are applicable to any environment independently of how the ETH layer is managed (e.g., using network management systems and/or operational support systems)].

See "Huawei Releases Industry-leading Network Traffic Analysis System—uTraffic" - here.

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