Wednesday, September 12, 2012

VF Germany: Our LTE Net is Used For Video; Now we Need to Monetize it

Mobile Europe reports on Jens Schulte-Bockum (pictured), CEO, Vodafone Germany presentation at the QualcommIQ event in Berlin:

"..although there were many advantages to LTE, the operator is finding that 85% of the network traffic is video traffic .. Voice, text, other messaging and data - “everything that makes money for us” - uses less than 15% .. The bit that doesn’t make money uses 85% of the capacity. Clearly we are thinking about how we can monetise that. [mobile video] .. the operator is clearly looking to add revenues beyond that of being a pipe for video .. The ability to watch video with half decent quality is likely to be one of the attractions for consumers signing up for the service and taking their data bundles .. Vodafone is finding that it is offering real life download speeds of 20Mbps and 10Mbps on the uplink, with latencies of 50ms"

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