Friday, September 28, 2012

[Infonetics]: Cloud-Based Security to Grow by 83% by 2016

A new report by Jeff Wilson (pictured), principal analyst for security, Infonetics Research, concludes that "Cloud-based security services in particular are gaining momentum, fueled by North America and greenfield opportunities in developing markets in Asia and Latin America". "

"We’re forecasting global revenue from cloud-based security services to grow 83% from 2011 to 2016, an eyebrow-raising figure, especially in the enormous security market".
"The volume of network security attacks is up significantly in 2012, with more threats coming—or appearing to come—from trusted sources .. DDoS services like those provided by Prolexic [see "Prolexic Q2 Report: "Shorter, but higher volume DDoS Attacks"" - here] and Verisign are a major and growing segment that Infonetics may break out in its managed security report when more data is available from providers in this space". 

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See "Cloud-based security services set to surge 83% by 2016" - here.

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  1. Well this is the thing which is improving and will be the future of computing. Nice post.