Sunday, September 9, 2012

PeerApp CEO: "we are working with leading CDN providers"

Quotes from an interview of Robert Mayer, CEO, PeerApp to Jamie Beach, IP & TV News:
  • "Our tier 1 operator customers are taking a distributed approach, caching content at multiple network edge locations. This not only achieves scalability, but it maximises the benefits of caching first by extending the network savings across the operator’s backbone networks, and second by delivering content close to the subscriber for the highest possible quality
  • We also see an increasing appetite for collaboration between OTT content service providers and CDNs on one side, and operators on the other, where in the past there was very little. We have seen examples of Facebook and Netflix entering into arrangements with network operators to provide premium or reduced-cost access to their services
  • At PeerApp, we are great believers in a “best of breed” strategy, when it comes to both transparent caching and CDN solutions. Open integration between the two will allow operators to choose the best solution that matches their needs, rather than settling for less-than-ideal offering from a single vendor or solution provider
  • To that end, we are working with leading CDN providers and network infrastructure technology vendors to create the open interfaces that will facilitate such integration". 
See "PeerApp: “Multi-service transparent caching has a critical role to play”" - here.

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