Wednesday, September 19, 2012

AT&T Facetime Discrimination: Complaint to be Filled with the FCC

AT&T plans to block Apple's Facetime over 3G service to certain customers (see "AT&T will Block Facetime/3G to non Shared Data Plan Customers" - here) is probably going for FCC examination. This could be a test case for the ability of DPI and policy Management vendors to sell application-aware monetization solutions to the US market.
3 public internest groups - Free Press, Public Knowledge, and the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute announced that they have "..notified AT&T of their intent to file a formal complaint against the company. In the complaint, the three organizations will assert that AT&T is violating Net Neutrality by blocking the popular video-conferencing application FaceTime. The groups will file the complaint with the Federal Communications Commission in the coming weeks".
According to the press release "Under the Open Internet rules the FCC passed in 2010, AT&T cannot block apps that compete with the company's traditional voice-calling service.The groups urged the Commission to stop AT&T's actions .. the letter to AT&T is linked here".

See "Public Interest Groups to File Net Neutrality Complaint Against AT&T for Blocking FaceTime on iPhones and iPads" - here.

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