Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Comcast: "We do not prioritize our video .. we just provision separate, additional bandwidth for it"

Does Comcast try to open a new front in Net Neutrality by defining the "managed service" term (and accusing others for prioritizing traffic?

After being slammed by Netflix' CEO for not counting its Xfinity traffic to Xbox in the subscriber's data cap (here), Tony Werner, EVP & CTO tries to explain what Comcast really does in a post to Comcast's blog.

"Your Xbox 360 running Xfinity TV On Demand essentially acts as an additional cable box for your existing cable service .. Rather than delivering this content in the traditional way we deliver our cable services (which is often referred to as video over QAM) or delivering it over the Internet (as, for example, a Netflix or Hulu Plus would do), we are sending that cable service using IP technology to the Xbox over our managed network .. Specifically, we provision a separate, additional bandwidth flow into the home for the use of this service — above and beyond, and distinct from, the bandwidth a customer has for his or her regular Internet access service"
"We use Differentiated Services Code Point ("DSCP") markings to mark the Xfinity TV packets to identify these packets so our network knows that these packets must be transmitted over the separate service flow from the CMTS to the customer's cable modem .. It's really important to us that we make crystal clear that, in contrast to some other providers, we are not prioritizing our transmission of Xfinity TV content to the Xbox (as some have speculated). While DSCP markings can be used to assign traffic different priority levels, that is not their only application — and that is not what they are being used for here".
See "The Facts about Xfinity TV and Xbox 360: Comcast is Not Prioritizing" - here.


  1. They just use DSCP to tag the traffic and allocate bandwidth to it via QoS CWFQ. This is not strictly prioritisation but there is nothing fancy about it. Every ISP do that...

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