Friday, February 1, 2013

Partner (MNO, Israel) on OTT: "We are Crying at Night"; Presents Shopping List

The CTOs of Cellcom and Partner, two of the leading MNOs in Israel (out of 5 operators, two were established during 2012) participated in a panel during the 4GIsrael (organized by IMA) conference yesterday.

Eran Jacoby, VP head of research, DS Brokerage (left) hosted Eyal Iluz (middle), CTO Partner (goes by "Orange") and Lipa Ogman (right), CTO Cellcom.

The interesting question was about how the two are going to handle OTT traffic, as they serve content providers, invest in network infrastructure but do not enjoy the revenues.

"We are crying at night" said Mr. Iluz.

Due to the strict regulation (after years of non-competition between 3 MNOs of equal size) that opened the market, reduced monthly fees by more than 50% ($25 for unlimited call and 1-3GB of data), the local MNOs are not doing anything that may upset (again) the public opinion and regulators.

"We need to think of something".

Before the panel, the the two CTOs presented their companies:

  • Cellcom - "we will need to offload all the time, even with the LTE spectrum (which was not allocated yet!) .. we started LTE testing with Nokia Siemens Networks and Ericsson in several locations in Israel"

  • Partner - "we need solutions to handle capacity .. whoever has solutions for content management - call us!" (see shopping list below)

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