Thursday, May 19, 2011

DPI Announcement: Tilera 50 Gbps Network Intelligence 2U Linux Server

Tilera announced the ".. the highest performance network intelligence Linux server solution, at a whopping 50 gigabits per-second. The solution runs Qosmos [see here] technology software stack on the Tilera-based S2Q server, available from Quanta Computers. The server combines up to eight Tilera TilePro64™  [see chart below] processors into a 2U form factor, enabling dramatically increased performance in a standard Linux environment. Other solutions in the market today require exotic ASICs which are hard to program or expensive high-power servers to achieve the same performance".

See "Tilera and Qosmos Collaborate to Offer up to 50 Gbps of Network Intelligence in a 2U Linux" - here.

Vijay Aggarwal (picture), VP of Business Development at Tilera, said: “With up to 512 cores, integrated 10 Gig ports, and low power consumption, this server is the highest performance and performance per-watt Linux box in the industry

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