Thursday, May 5, 2011

DPI Deployments (67): US SPs - GCI, Thumb Cellular and Carolina West Wireless Deploy Sandvine

Now it Sandvine's turn to name customers (see my post on Procera - here) - and we get 3(!) in one press release. So here is what Sandvine's customers have been doing with the DPI gear recently:

  • GCI [Alaska - 140K wireless, 145K access lines and 118K cable subscribers - end of Q1, 2011] - " ..detect network conditions that trigger policies within their fixed networks to manage traffic congestion, improve connectivity and enhance subscribers’ Internet experience"
  • Thumb Cellular [Michigan] - "..deployment of bandwidth-based service tiers, which allows them to provide 3G data services with a high degree of customer satisfaction.  Thumb is also deploying Fairshare Traffic Management to ensure quality Internet access for their subscribers at all times of the day"
  • Carolina West Wireless [North Caroline] - "using Sandvine’s network policy control solutions’ device awareness capabilities to detect tethered devices .. Upon tethering detection, subscribers are prompted to opt-in to a service tier which matches their usage behavior" (see "Sandvine on Device Awareness"  - here).

    Slayton Stewart (picture), CEO, Carolina West Wireless said: “Tethering incurs unpredicted data traffic costs, but through the ability to identify tethered devices, we can offer a tiered service package that caters to this need while recouping some of our costs
See "ISPs Garner Competitive Advantage Through Evolving Use of Network Policy Control" - here.

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