Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mobile Broadband - What are the Obstacles to Growing Revenues?

STL PartnersNew Digital Economics Executive Brainstorm & Developer Forum EMEA (held in London, May 11-13) brought together 250 execs from across the telecoms, media and technology sectors.

One of the sessions in the Telco 2.0 stream, "Mobile Broadband Economics", was covered by the Telco2.0 site - see  "Mobile Broadband Economics: LTE 'Not Enough'" -  here.

I selected two of the items:
".. We saw applications that allow users to monitor and control their network usage and services, ‘dynamic pricing’, and other innovative pricing strategies at the EMEA Executive Brainstorm. Despite growing enthusiasm for LTE, delegates considered offloading traffic and network sharing at least as important commercial strategies for managing costs .. The chart shows Ericsson's ‘Fuel gauge’ app to show how users could be better informed of their usage and be interactively offered pricing and service offers."

"Delegates voted on the obstacles to mobile broadband revenues and the impact of various measures on the control of costs":

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