Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Telstra to Differentiate on Traffic on the Wireline and Wireless Edge

Carol Wilson, Chief Editor, Events, report to Light Reading from TMForum Management World 2011, held this week in Dublin, on Telstra's plans for new services and traffic management.

Michael Lowery (picture), Executive Director, Architecture, Online and Media, Telstra Operations said that Telstra will introduce "A cloud-based service offering that is device and network agnostic would be delivered to consumers on the device of their choice, and they could also choose the level of broadband service to deliver content, services and programs .. Telstra would eliminate the multiple B-RAS devices that support broadband wireline services today and move new broadband network gateways as close to its wireline customers and to its wireless customers as well, moving it into the radio access network, if possible to the Node B level .. That will allow us to differentiate on traffic, and to be able to manage differentiated services as close to actual customer as possible .. Peer-to-peer traffic still counts for 40% of Internet bandwidth, and much of that is used to share pirated movies .. Traffic management also would enable Telstra to manage a potential deal with Netflix".

See "Mgmt World: Telstra Sees ASP Future" - here.

Carol assumes that Telstra "..would be using DPI or similar technology within these broadband network gateways, both to offer tiered services starting with best effort and moving up, and to ensure proper treatment of traffic types. Telstra already uses a tiered offering with bandwidth caps, something it has taken heat from in the past, but will make this next transition smoother" (see "Telstra Uses NSN PCS-5000" - here).

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