Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NI Announcements: PeerApp Adds Analytics Tool

PeerApp announced a " .. UBInsight, its analytics and business intelligence tool. UBInsight gives operators deep visibility into unmanaged content on their network with a focus on reporting the Quality of Experience (QoE) delivered from the UltraBand transparent Internet cache"

See "PeerApp Launches UBInsight Analytics Tool to Help Operators Monetize Over-the-Top (OTT) Content" - here

" .. The tool provides insight into OTT services that can be used to analyze the delivery quality of Internet video, plan for expansion, troubleshoot network problems, control costs and monetize usage trends. .. The QoE analysis provides measurements of popular services and comparisons of content served from the Internet and the cache that allow operators to quantify the benefits of transparent caching at various locations in the network. Operators now have a way to visualize the competitive advantage provided with caching .. ".

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