Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TDG: "OTT video to eclipse live broadcast TV around 2020"

Sean Buckley reports to Fierce Telecom on a new study - "The Economics of Over-the-Top TV Delivery: How Television Networks Can Shift to Online Content Delivery" (here).

Colin Dixon (picture), senior partner at TDG said in the study ".. we expect the amount of Internet video watched to eclipse the amount of live broadcast TV around 2020 .. Internet and broadcast delivery of video content will become blended in such a way that consumers will be unaware of which conduit serves which content .. Of course, OTT isn't without its issues. Because OTT video will leverage a user's broadband connection, the one issue that could potentially get in the way of a consumer's OTT experience is the ongoing threat of bandwidth caps being set by incumbent telcos and cable operators .. Given consumers' increasing appetite for bandwidth-hungry online video, it will be interesting not only how service providers embrace and deliver OTT services, but how they will adjust their broadband metering methods to accommodate this inevitable trend".

See "OTT video continues to rise: TIA 2011 Preview" - here.

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